Digital Asset Trading

CrypPro is a leading market maker on cryptocurrencies.
By providing 24/7 institutional-grade liquidity on crypto assets, we make digital asset markets more efficient.  

Our Services

We offer liquidity solutions
to crypto exchanges and token issuers

We work together as partners with one common goal:
improve pricing, liquidity and traded volume.

Liquidity services
for exchanges
(CEX and DEX)

We partner with selected exchanges to increase liquidity, improve market efficiency and help them scale.

Liquidity services
for token issuers

We offer our market making capabilities to cryptocurrency projects to  improve liquidity on all venues where the token is listed.

Our Technology


Tech is core to what we do.
We have built our proprietary infrastructure to ensure robust execution, facilitate quantitative trading and provide liquidity to the market.


Our team of quants and developers have created proprietary algorithmic trading strategies to provide liquidity and create efficient markets.


Good quality data in the cryptocurrency space is rare. Our market data processing tools have been developed in-house to facilitate data collection, enrichment and storage.


Our tech infrastructure has been designed in a modular way with standalone programs, allowing us to quickly test and implement ongoing enhancements as we scale our activity.

grade services

With 90+ years of experience in traditional capital markets, we provide you with institutional-grade services.

Robust risk

Managing risk is key to what we do, we developed solid proprietary monitoring and risk management tools, allowing us to track and manage our trading activity live.

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