For Token Issuers

We have built connectivity to 50+ crypto exchanges and offer our market making capabilities to selected cryptocurrency projects that are looking for liquidity on exchanges, both centralised and decentralised exchanges. Whether it’s a new project or an established one, we always perform due diligence before working with a token issuer and we select projects with low credit risk, robust security, solid risk management and growth potential.

How can we help you ?

You are listing a new token and need market makers to provide liquidity

Your token is already listed but you want to generate more volume

Your token is already listed and you want to list it on additional crypto exchanges

Your token is listed on CEX(s) and you want to list it on DEX(s) 

Your token is listed on CEX(s) and you want to list it on DEX(s) 

Your token is listed on DEX(s) and you want to list it on CEX(s) 

You need advice on the right liquidity parameters for the secondary market

Working Together

KPIs definition

We analyse your existing liquidity, daily traded volume and orderbooks and help you define the right KPIs for our market making service: crypto pairs, size commitment, spread, uptime etc...

Market Making

We integrate with your exchange and deploy market making algorithms tailored to your needs and in line with the agreed KPIs.


Every month, we evaluate our performance vs our KPIs and reassess your liquidity needs. This is a partnership and we want to make sure that our service helps your exchange grow. 



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